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Re: fonts for gfxmenu, help needed

From: feng shu
Subject: Re: fonts for gfxmenu, help needed
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009 10:58:59 +0800

2009/11/26 Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko <address@hidden>:
> Michal Suchanek wrote:
>> 2009/11/25 feng shu <address@hidden>:
>>> 2009/11/25 Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko <address@hidden>:
>>>> Michal Suchanek wrote:
>>>>> Also if worse comes to worst Indic, Arabic or Hebrew can be feasibly
>>>>> written in Latin, Chinese cannot.
>>>> pinyin. I know it's disagreable to read for native speakers, but it's
>>>> similar for Arabic.
>>> show grub menu with pinyin?  it is very very stupid.
> I was mainly trying to say that menu with Russian or Arabic
> transliteration wouldn't make much sense either.
>> I guess most people in Europe simply don't understand that pinyin is
>> unreadable.
> You're right I don't understand it. So please enlighten me. According to
> wikipedia pinyin is used for teaching Chinese language in school, and
> pinyin is a major input method used. Pinyin when used with all

pinyin is used to teach childern read Chinese,  but you would find that

1. may Chinese chars (maybe 10 ,maybe 100 maybe 500)  have a  pinyin
,for example :

ai :

艾       ài,yì,          阨       ài,
伌       ài,             佁       ǎi,yǐ,
毐       ǎi,             哎       āi,
哀       āi,             诶       āi,
昹       ǎi,             爱       ài,
砹       ài,             唉       ài,āi,
娭       āi,xī,          挨       ái,āi,
埃       āi,             捱       ái,
娾       ǎi,             啀       ái,
硋       ài,             閊       cī kā ɑī lū,
皑       ái,             欸       ǎi,ēi,
隘       ài,             凒       ái,
溾       āi,             塧       ài,
溰       ái,             嫒       ài,
嗳       ài,ǎi,āi,       13      嗌       ài,yì,
愛       ài,             矮       ǎi,
碍       ài,             魞     ɑì lì,
锿       āi,             瑷       ài,
敳       ái,             暧       ài,
敱       ái,             嘊       ái,
叆       ài,             蔼       ǎi,
僾       ài,             皚     ái,
躷       ǎi,             壒       ài,
懓       ài,             薆       ài,
噫       ài,yì,yī,       噯       ǎi,
濭       ǎi,             嬡       ài,
鴱       ài,             騃       ái,
懝       ài,             曖       ài,
璦       ài,             餲       ài,hé,
鎄       āi,             癌       ái,
瞹       ài,             皧       ài,
馤       ài,             霭       ǎi,
﨟       ai              礙       ài,
譪       ǎi,             藹       ǎi,
譺       ài,             鑀       ài,
鱛       ɑī suǒ, 靄       ǎi,
鱫       ɑi,             靉       ài,

2. a Chinese char may have many pinyin, see above

> diacritics represents the words as they would be spoken aloud and yet
> you say that it's completely unreadable even by Mandarin speakers. I
> understand that a speaker of Cantonese or wǔ wouldn't be able to
> understand it because pronunciation is different but why is it the case
> for Mandarin speaker too?
> Another question: do you think vertical (top-to-bottom instead of
> left-to-right) menu themes would be useful for Chinese and Japanese
> computers?
>> Fortunately, displaying Chinese characters should be well within the
>> capabilities of current gfxterm although the font is likely poor
>> quality.
> Better fonts can be included but I would prefer not loading them by
> default instead if user needs it. Perhaps our grub.cfg generation system
> could scan configfiles and add fonts appropriately?
>> Any testers who can tell the difference between commonly used Chinese
>> fonts and GNU Unifont are welcome.
>> Thanks
>> Michal
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> Regards
> Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko
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