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revert in grub2

From: Mihamina Rakotomandimby
Subject: revert in grub2
Date: Fri, 1 Jan 2010 23:05:31 +0300

Manao ahoana, Hello, Bonjour,

How to reproduce the "revert" LILO feature with GRUB2?

I believe everyone here knows what it is, but a quick explanation for
those not knowing:
With LILO, I can setup a default image to boot on.
But, I also can setup the next entry to boot on, that may be different
to the default one.
After that first following boot, the default entry will be used.

What usage? 
It is usefull for me when testing a kernel on a remote
server. I set the default to a reliable boot image. I set the "revert"
to the testing one. I boot: it boots on the "revert" one.
If it ever doesnt boot, I initiate a hard reboot (electric cutoff) and
then it boots on the safe one.

I play with LILO just for that feature, I would like to switch to GRUB.

Misaotra, Thanks, Merci.

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