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Disable -Werror when error attribute generates warnings

From: Grégoire Sutre
Subject: Disable -Werror when error attribute generates warnings
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 2010 13:58:20 +0100
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With an older version of gcc that does not understand the error attribute, gcc generates warnings when compiling files that include include/grub/list.h. Since TARGET_CFLAGS contains -Werror by default, the build of modules fails.

The following patch checks whether the C compiler supports the error attribute without warning, and disables -Werror if that is not the case (as otherwise the build will fail).*checkout*/pkgsrc-wip/wip/grub2-current/patches/patch-gcc-warning-on-error-attribute

This is merely a suggestion. I'm no autoconf expert, and I'm not even sure that this kind of check is a good idea, as configure has the option --disable-werror that can be used anyway.


p.s. I did not see this problem when I tested the patch discussed in the thread [1] as I focused on building utilities at that time, sorry.


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