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Re: grub-setup: error: no mapping exists for ... in GRUB2 v1.97.1 on fak

From: Lapohos Tibor
Subject: Re: grub-setup: error: no mapping exists for ... in GRUB2 v1.97.1 on fake (IMSM) RAID
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 20:29:43 -0800 (PST)

Thanks for your help. Please see my further questions below.

--- On Mon, 12/28/09, Felix Zielcke <address@hidden> wrote:

From: Felix Zielcke address@hidden

You're problem is that you're using metadata 1.x and not the older
default 0.90. Which we don't support yet.
In my understanding the superblock of the container has "imsm" metadata, which is different from the v0.9x and v1.x versions. Please take a look at the outputs obtained by
> mdadm -D /dev/md12[765]
attached to this message.
Based on your input, I cannot make this work, right?

I made a Baazar branch for metadata 1.x support, but it's still broken.
At least RAID != 1.
So it works for RAID 1, and it is "broken" for the other RAID levels?

But I tested RAID 1 only with grub-probe, not actual booting from it.
And it's a bit complicated to get grub-probe working, because the
devicename must macht the name stored in the superblock.
Would I need to be able to achieve all this as I am assembling the RAID devices?

If you want to try it nevertheless:

bzr co

Thanks, I'll give it a shot once I get a better grasp of what I'm doing. isn't used at all for mdraid devices.
But my device is not "mdraid" type device, is it? The kernel does not detect it as it loads and starts running. The "mdraid" devices would be formed of "fd" type partitions, would they not?

(hdX,Y) devices are normal disk devices though and not the RAID ones.
They're (mdX) and (mdX,Y) so it only works with RAID 1, but only by
using one disk of them.
OK, I understand this. But then I must ask, how come the grub shell (got into by booting from a usb key) lists (hdX,Y) devices for all these "imsm" contained devices and partitions?
Thanks again for your help,

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