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Re: GRUB 1.98 available in debian lenny, How to get fancy terminal ?

From: Felix Zielcke
Subject: Re: GRUB 1.98 available in debian lenny, How to get fancy terminal ?
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 2010 16:27:56 +0100

Am Donnerstag, den 07.01.2010, 10:13 -0500 schrieb Chris Jones:
> On Thu, Jan 07, 2010 at 09:29:57AM EST, J. Bakshi wrote:
> > Hello everyone,
> > 
> > I am happy to see the availability of grub 1.98 in debian lenny
> after
> > the up-gradation I did yesterday night. The /boot/grub folder now
> > contains  unicode.pf2, unicode.ppf as well as GRUBtheme folder
> > containing winter etc. theme. Is there any doc to configure the
> > themes, vga terminal etc, so that I can do some experiment with all
> > these cool features ?
> debian lenny?
> or are you talking about testing or unstable?
> CJ

Even lenny backports still has 1.97 beta3.
I already thought I totally missed something but the usual Debian pages
don't tell about some mysterious upload.
Only Debian experimental (and my PPA for Ubuntu though) has Colin
Bennets theming code (gfxmenu).
But we don't ship them.

The only docs about it that exist currently are the ones on Colin's site
But they're outdated now, the theme format has been changed and Colin's
current themes don't work anymore AFAIK
Felix Zielcke
Proud Debian Maintainer and GNU GRUB developer

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