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Re: Regarding virtual to physical memory mapping..

From: kiran pawar
Subject: Re: Regarding virtual to physical memory mapping..
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2010 11:37:08 +0530

Hi all,
  Sorry for replying late.. and thanks everyone for replying. i am not clear with answers that are given to the question .
  I have written a function in assembly that i have called form C code and done the linking correctly. But i want  
  this code should run in real mode. The address that i am getting for the function is 0x5e45c000 which is a virtual address
  so i need to get its actual physical address to execute it in real mode (which should be less than 1 MB). 
 So i wanted to ask is there any way to do mapping from virtual to physical in grub? 
 Also is there any way by which i can have that assembly function placed below 1 MB ?

Best regards,
Kiran Pawar.

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