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Re: [PATC] Unit testing framework adjusted over trunk

From: BVK Chaitanya
Subject: Re: [PATC] Unit testing framework adjusted over trunk
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 15:54:30 +0530

An updated patch is attached with some fixes mentioned below:

1. Added --boot=[fd|hd|cd] option support to grub-shell script.  By
default grub-shell script now starts Qemu with disk image, but with
--boot=fd or --boot=cd options, Qemu will be booted with floppy or
cdrom image respectively.   This feature is requested by Robert and
Jordan_U (???).

2. Removed using EXPORT_VAR and EXPORT_FUNC macros from
include/grub/test.h header file.  Vladimir explained that these are
not necessary (in IRC).

3. Fixed error message in grub-shell-tester as in my earlier reply.

4. All functional tests are now built as part of make and are
installed on make install.

5. Introduced new variables, UNIT_TESTS, FUNCTIONAL_TESTS and
SCRIPTED_TESTS, to simplify changes between tests.rmk and


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