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grub-mkfont and DejaVu font problems

From: Evgeny K
Subject: grub-mkfont and DejaVu font problems
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 19:19:47 +0600


I'm currently developing a path to font functionality of grub2. Anti-aliased
fonts (currently 8 bit AA, but probably sub-pixel AA for LCD too).

There is one problem with DejaVuSansMono*.ttf fonts. When I'm trying
to render glyphs with grub-mkfont's way, all of the glyphs are rendered
with baseline in the middle so glyph sticks to the top of the bitmap.

While "grub-mkfont -v -v" still able to show complete glyph (i.e. glyph
image is not truncated) in the grub menu glyphs overlaps.

FreeSans*.ttf (as example) does not have such problem.

Does anybody know what the problem with DejaVu family might be?

Best regards, Evgeny.

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