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grub payload fails on coreboot

From: Andreas B. Mundt
Subject: grub payload fails on coreboot
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 14:16:36 +0100
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Dear list,

after some time of absence from the coreboot list and latest
development I tried to compile coreboot for m57sli (Revision: 5043)
which works fine with seabios but it failed with grub as payload
(revno: 2107, following    

The last messages observed on the serial console are: 

Jumping to boot code at 8200
entry    = 0x00008200
lb_start = 0x00100000
lb_size  = 0x0004a000
adjust   = 0xbfea6000
buffer   = 0xbff5c000
     elf_boot_notes = 0x0012f960
adjusted_boot_notes = 0xbffd5960

This behavior has also been shortly discussed in:

and from the mailing list it looks to me as if nobody else uses grub
as payload anymore. Is this correct? If not, any help is appreciated.

I attach the full serial console log and cc the grub list, perhaps
someone there is also interested in getting it running. 



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