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Changes in GRUB help

Subject: Changes in GRUB help
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 23:15:11 +0530

Hi, I am Keshav from India. First of all, thank you to all the GRUB and GRUB2 developers. I am no programmer but I do know a few technical details of a computer. I have been using GRUB2 for few months now, in both BIOS-GPT mode and UEFI-X64-GPT mode. It is working in both modes perfectly although some utilities like grub-mkconfig create more BIOS compatible grub.cfg and the likes. I do not own any Apple Mac ( both PowerPC or Intel ). My UEFI is EDK DUET - not EDK2 - - EDK_UEFI64 option ) . I would like to recommend few changes and features in GRUB2 as follows :-

* Add scrolling support for help command in GRUB2 command-line (very annoying - not able to see all possible commands) .

* Add a utility that converts grub.conf or menu.lst to grub.cfg .

* Add support for Fedora's initramfs (semi-patch attached) - name like initramfs- .

* Add a minimalist text editor (similar to GNU nano) to edit grub.cfg using GRUB2 command-line.

Please document grub-extras in website.

For those interested I have written few linux shell scripts that can compile and setup GRUB2 in BIOS and/or UEFI modes. Please go to to download them. Feel free to recommend changes to them, but with info as to how to do it  (I am not so good in shell scripting either). Thank you all again.

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