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grub2 can't see my linux kernel file

From: j t
Subject: grub2 can't see my linux kernel file
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 19:22:29 +0000


I have a problem using grub2 version 1.97~beta4 on my Thinkpad X31.
I've installed grub2 successfully, and when I switch on, the grub
screen appears, but when I try to find my linux kernel file, grub2
can't see it. I've had a great conversation with Jordan Uggla over on
the help-grub mailing list (the archive for the thread is at, but I
can't seem to get past this problem.

In case the reason why grub2 can't see my kernel file is due to a bios
limitation, I've tried using the ata module instead of the "normal"
access method (Jordan mentioned that using the ata module would
overcome bios limitations) but even using the ata module,
I can tab-complete to the correct partition, then on to the correct
directory, but grub2 then thinks that the correct directory is empty.

What's the best thing for me to do? If I should log this as a bug, is
there a preference between using the web interface at versus sending
an email to the bug-grub mailing list?

Thank you for your help.


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