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Re: Grub2 on UEFI

From: Georgy Buranov
Subject: Re: Grub2 on UEFI
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 17:39:40 +0300

> ?????????????????? What about chainloading in grub2? Does it support loading 
> another
> EFI loader? Particularly, I want to load Windows Boot Manager (in term of
> EFI that's EFI file) from GRUB?

> On Apple EFI I can chainload just fine, this should be no different on UEFI.

What do you mean by chainloading in case of UEFI? For example, I got EFI System 
Partition and 3 OS Loaders there (eLilo, GRUB2 and Windows Boot Manager). 


I need a way to load both Boot Manager and eLilo for grub. Can you please show 
me the example of config file?

> ?????????????????? If it possible to exit grub with EFI ERROR to process 
> loading the
> next loader?

> Exiting grub is in itself an error, an OS loader should never end.
> So look for some quit command.

Why? I think it was in old BIOS times. EFI was a boot order concept, in one 
loader is failed, another one is trying to boot.

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