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Lead-up message 'Welcome to GRUB!' inverted text printed lowlevel via BI

From: Robo L
Subject: Lead-up message 'Welcome to GRUB!' inverted text printed lowlevel via BIOS ?!?
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 11:00:57 +0100

Hi all,

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for the reply and Your time.

I would like to clarify the issue.
First I need to hide the very first Welcom message because I need to hide GRUB for other users of MS Windows on my PC. I need it only for myself. Richard: redirection is not good idea for me, becouse II need classical console. I wrote a module with hidden password (secret process - no response on console - silent) If match then redirect to boot linux. The nature of the process is that another user on my PC not venture a guess that there is a GRUB and secound linux OS!

As a second I would like to understand how it works with the printing, because I spent much time reversed analysis and still I can not understand who, where and when print the first inverted message "Welcome to GRUB!".

Who, where and how much bothers me more than the original problem.

btw: for test I remove all Welcome message from binary (search for full disk, MBR too) files and message is still printing :-)


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