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How can I use grub_getcrc32 in fs module

From: Jiro SEKIBA
Subject: How can I use grub_getcrc32 in fs module
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 21:23:59 +0900
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How can I write Makefile to use grub_getcrc32 in file module?

I'm trying to use grub_getcrc32 function to calculate crc of
the specific part of the disk so as to validate the disk.

I added lib/crc.c in SOURCES in common.rmk for the fs module.
It looks OK to compile the target fs module.
However I got following link error for grub-setup and grub-probe.

grub_setup-fs_nilfs2.o: In function `grub_nilfs2_valid_sb':
nilfs2.c:(.text+0xe29): undefined reference to `grub_getcrc32'
nilfs2.c:(.text+0xe47): undefined reference to `grub_getcrc32'
nilfs2.c:(.text+0xe7e): undefined reference to `grub_getcrc32'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I was trying to specify lib/crc.c in grub_setup_SOURCES, but got same result.

What is the best way to add dependency for those programs if
I want to use crc calculation in fs module?

thank you very much in advance
Jiro SEKIBA <address@hidden>

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