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save default working with Grub 1.98 ?

From: Frédéric Boiteux
Subject: save default working with Grub 1.98 ?
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 08:37:31 +0100


  I installed last year Grub2 from Debian 'experimental' repository to
get « default=saved » feature, it worked well, and recently I updated it
to 1.98 release (from official « unstable » repository), and now I get
a strange behaviour :
the menu always preselects the entry saved with old Grub2 version, but
if I choose another one, the new entry isn't saved.

Does it means that Grub2 1.98 doesn't support yet entry saving ? or
should I look at my conf more carefully for a misconfiguration ?

  Thanks for your advice,

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