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Re: How to prepare an ISO 9660 CD for booting via GRUB ?

From: Frombenny
Subject: Re: How to prepare an ISO 9660 CD for booting via GRUB ?
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2010 18:59:09 +0200
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Your question is how to make a cd with grub on it ? Or a way to boot an iso from grub ?

If it's the second question, I made this page for the ubuntu doc in French :

With an entry for Ubuntu (for an iso located in an iso folder on /dev/sda5) like that :

menuentry "ISO Live - Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic AMD64" {
insmod loopback
insmod iso9660
set isofile="/iso/lucid-desktop-amd64.iso"
loopback loop (hd0,5)$isofile
linux (loop)/casper/vmlinuz locale=de_DE bootkbd=de console-setup/layoutcode=de 
iso-scan/filename=$isofile boot=casper file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed noprompt 
quiet splash --
initrd (loop)/casper/initrd.lz

Just change the line "set isofile=" to your version of ubuntu iso.


Le 01/04/2010 15:49, Thomas Schmitt a écrit :

i would like to learn how GNU xorriso can make
use of GRUB.

Are there any specs available, or an example
of a GRUB enhanced ISO 9660 image that boots
from CD on PC BIOSes ?

I know about ECMA-119 (ISO 9660) and El Torito
CD booting specs, but few about GRUB.

In january 2010 Robert Millan announced
GNU isofsmk. In the course of the following
discussions he wrote:
So if you'd like to create a GRUB bootable disk, you'd do something
   cat boot.img core.img>  tmp
   mkisofs --embedded-boot tmp -o grub.iso -r somedir
I did this with isofsmk-1.13 and a dummy file
"tmp" (not boot.img+core.img) in the hope to
learn what kind of El Torito record gets
produced. But i cannot spot any.
mkisofs just copied "tmp" to the System Area in
block 0 to 15 of the ISO image.

So i would need a more realistic test setup
or some explanations.
Any help with a quick start is appreciated.

Have a nice day :)


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