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Re: Multiboot2 Suggestions

From: Bogdan
Subject: Re: Multiboot2 Suggestions
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2010 05:09:41 -0700 (PDT)

This thread has the right name so I'll just reply here.

0) It should be specified in Multiboot 2 that Multiboot 1 can optionally be
supported by boot loaders when a different magic number is used.

1) The boot loader should calibrate timers that need this. I don't know about
other architectures, but in x86(-64) systems, these are the RDTSC and the
LAPIC. Needless to say, this must also be done when such hardware is

2) I've seen this proposed before and turned down but it's my list of 
and I'm free to repeat it :) A language tag passed by the boot loader would be
nice - that way Multiboot-compliant boot loaders could have a simple menu to
select the language for any of the operating systems installed. It would make
it easier for the user, who otherwise needs to know what to pass to cmdline.

3) On x86-64 systems, the boot loader should be able to boot in long mode.
I remember talking to Vladimir on IRC about paging and he said he prefered
to always have the simplest form of paging initialized by the boot loader --
disabled in the case of protected mode and identity-mapped in the case of
long mode. I think that is fair.



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