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Re: How to prepare an ISO 9660 CD for booting via GRUB ?

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: How to prepare an ISO 9660 CD for booting via GRUB ?
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 09:46:23 +0200


many thanks for testing xorriso in new

> 1) It tries to build even if no iconv is present

The tests in resp. acinclude.m4
are too lax, obviously. They aim for finding
out whether one needs -liconv or not. But they
don't assure that iconv() works.
I will have to make experiments with a
non-existing dummy function, as it seems
impossible to disable iconv() on Linux.

> 2) I needed to explicitly add LIBS=-liconv to configure depstite
> configure properly detecting the need of -liconv. In some commands
> actually -liconv was double: one from configure and another from LIBS
> but somewhere it's not propagated properly

This sounds a bit like a bug in autotools.

But in the log you sent, i only find them in
pairs. Obviously one from LIBS= and one from
  dnl GNU iconv has no function iconv() but libiconv() and a macro iconv()
  AC_CHECK_LIB(iconv, libiconv, , )

Are you sure that the lack of -liconv was not
due to libiconv missing initially ?

> 3) A ton of warnings.

The implementation of the isspace() family seems
not to be liked by the compiler. Shrug.

I found legitimate warnings about putting out
uid_t and gid_t by printf formatter "%d".
(Question is whether (int) is a suitable cast
 in this case.)

Then there is the intentional warning that no
MMC system adapter is available for operating
optical drives directly.
  libburn/sg.c:42: warning: unused variable INTENTIONAL_COMPILER_WARNING
  libburn/sg.c:39: warning: unused variable 

This does not hamper the GRUB use case. One will
just need cdrecord for burning the CD, rather
than letting xorriso do:
  xorriso -as cdrecord -v dev=... blank=as_needed my_grub.iso


So mainly the LIBS=-liconv remains as build

I have changed the iconv detection code in meanwhile (to care for the "const"
ambiguity on FreeBSD). A new tarball
is uploaded.

  cat xorriso/xorriso_timestamp.h
should say
  #define Xorriso_timestamP "2010.04.10.180103"
or later.

Could you please try it on cygwin without LIBS=
(but libiconv installed) and send me the log of
the failing compile run ?

If nothing else helps then i plan to set
  LIBS="$LIBS -liconv"
in a special cygwin case in acinclude.m4.
(Do you know a reliable test pattern for cygwin ?
 Like *-*-linux* for Linux.)

For now the double -liconv options give me hope
that it could work without that.

Have a nice day :)


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