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Re: Update builds broken

From: Michal Suchanek
Subject: Re: Update builds broken
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 15:57:13 +0200

2010/4/9 Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko <address@hidden>:
> Michal Suchanek wrote:
>> Hello
>> When the source is updated rebuilding grub fails.
>> The build descends into the source directory (..) to remake something
>> but fails nonetheless.
>> Either these rules to descend into source directory are useless and
>> should be removed or they are broken and should be updated to actually
>> bring the source into buildable shape. Note that running in
>> the source directory manually fixes the issue.
> I've applied my old maintainer-clean patch which fixed a problem in
> RMKFILES evaluation. This might be related. Please retest

Not helping.

When you revert to something like 1.97, build and revert to current
again and rebuild the build fails. Maybe it will fix building revision
*after* the patch but there is no way how to test that because the
failure only occurs ofter major changes - probably adding and removing



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