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Re: [PATCH] Font antialiasing v2

From: Michal Suchanek
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Font antialiasing v2
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 19:24:31 +0200

On 12 April 2010 17:50, Szymon Janc <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Apr 2010 07:24:09 -0700 Colin D Bennett <address@hidden> wrote
>> > This issue should be handled at compress time by choosing to compress
>> > by blocks of desired size. This way font layer doesn't need to care
>> > anymore.
>> But can you randomly seek to an block transparently and read it that
>> way?
> Maybe not fully randomly, but jumping by blocks will be quite fast even if 
> file
> was seeked backward when one must start from begining of file(at least with
> xz). I don't know if jumping block backward is available in gzip, probably 
> not.
> If block size would be chosen wisely it should be possible to buffer block
> (uncompressed) data and there should be quite a big chance that data locality
> will minimize need for jumping (and decompression). Everything fully

You can also buffer the block offsets so that you can seek in the part
of the file you have seen already.



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