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Chainloading to Truecrypt?

From: Caleb Godwin
Subject: Chainloading to Truecrypt?
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 20:53:32 -0400

I'm almost certain that this question has been asked before, but it didn't really help at all. So, I have two partitions; 1) A TrueCrypt-encrypted Windows 7 partition, and 2) A dm-crypt/LUKS encrypted Ubuntu 9.10 partition.

I am trying to keep my bootloader simple in that it will load GRUB automatically, then if I choose 'Windows 7', it'll load the Truecrypt bootloader and allow me to enter my password. Unfortunately, the old method of copying the truecrypt MBR to a file and booting from that only produces a "Truecrypt bootloader corrupted" error. And, since GRUB2 doesn't support booting from ISO's, I can't boot from the Truecrypt rescue ISO.

Any ideas? I've tried everything.

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