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Re: Migrations to xorriso

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: Migrations to xorriso
Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 11:30:33 +0200


attached is an updated patch to summarize my
current proposal for grub-mkrescue. 

My reply to mails of Vladimir and Seth seems
still stuck in (At least that
was the culprit last time.)

The current proposal follows Vladimir's idea:
> I'm thinking to allow passing arbitrary options to xorriso by just
> putting it on command line.

It would give the user control over option
-no-pad (saves 300 kB) and allow to switch from
mkisofs emulation to the native xorriso command

New ponderings:

The following statement in the proposed help text
is due to the way how extra arguments are handled
via variable $source:

"Be aware that source paths must be single words.
 Quotation marks will not work."

If grub-mkrescue options would be prescribed to
precede any source paths or xorriso options, then
we could use a while loop, shift and "$@",
rather than a for loop and ${source}.

while test -n "$1"; do
    case "$1" in
        modules=`echo "$1" | sed 's/--modules=//'`
        break ;;
${xorriso} ... "$@"

This would be safe for nearly all filenames.
(Newlines are still not allowed then.)

Question is whether support for apple-ish file
names is worth a change in the rules for

Have a nice day :)


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