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Re: update-grub & Xen boot stanza generation

From: Joey Korkames
Subject: Re: update-grub & Xen boot stanza generation
Date: Sun, 23 May 2010 21:48:57 -0700

    This is aready worked on but the problem is that it generates too much
    entries. If you have 5 different versions of hypervisor and 10
    kernels you have 100 entries.

What if I add a max_entries option. Say, don't generate more than 4
stanzas total. Although I suppose then I need to go through and pick
the most recent kernel and hypervisor versions.

It feels like a kludgy solution

My $0.02:

Including this patch would probably save some Xen.gz help questions from having to be sent to grub-devel@ by newbies.

If a user doesn't like a bulky boot menu, then they can clear out all their old hypervisors and kernels after they verify that their upgraded versions are stable.

I use a local version of this script and it is very handy.

-joey (a GRUB2 and Xen user)

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