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Re: [Patch] [bug #26237] multiple problems with usb devices

From: Aleš Nesrsta
Subject: Re: [Patch] [bug #26237] multiple problems with usb devices
Date: Sun, 30 May 2010 18:51:14 +0200


there is some new patch which includes:

- OHCI power and configuration counter check patch sent by Vladimir in
the meantime

- simple handling of unrecoverable OHCI error (not tested yet - I cannot
set OHCI into unrec. error state...)

- (I hope) proper toggle bit handling also in error states - ohci.c,
uhci.c, usbtrans.c, usbtrans.h

- some changes in OHCI DoneHead handling (it is partialy related to
toggle bit handling)

- some changes in bulk transfers error handling in usbms, should be more
close to specification now

- scsi.c simple workaround related to problem with device which cannot
transfer 4KB blocks - but it is disabled. It works but transfer is very
slow when this workaround is active - I don't know why. It is little bit
surprising - device works better without this workaround... So I
disabled it.

Patch is made against files taken from revision 2391 (should be the same
as in 1.98 release) patched by my previous patch usb_patch_100523_0.
Don't use my intermediate "toggle" patch from 25 May 2010.

Remaining problems:

Some devices (at least my BUFFALO USB clip drive flash disk, more
precisely "ID 0ea0:2168 Ours Technology, Inc. Transcend JetFlash 2.0 /
Astone USB Drive") cannot transfer 4KB data blocks independent on
controller OHCI/UHCI - my workaround is not good.
But it is probably problem with low priority - device is working finally
but it is slower than another device.

Some devices (at least my APACER cardreader "ID 058f:6366 Alcor Micro
Corp. Multi Flash Reader") are not working on UHCI. Such device does not
accept any control message and UHCI returns status 0x450007 - it means
STALL during sending SETUP packet.
It looks to be the same problem as described by Vladimir: "I have
somewhat similar issue with Geode OHCI controller right now: devices and
speeds are correctly seen but trying to send a message results in a halt
in first TD and error code 5.".
But I have problem on UHCI, not on OHCI - on computer with OHCI is this
device working well (it is normal USB Mass Storage Bulk-Only device with
SCSI subclass)! Maybe it depends on "combined controllers" UHCI-EHCI,
OHCI-EHCI (?) - device is working on computer with OHCI only computer
and it is not working on computer with UHCI-EHCI controller. But any
other device is working well on both computers... I don't understand, I
currently have no idea what can be wrong. Does anybody know...?

There is not working USB hub support, GRUB does not see device connected
via USB hub - does anybody know some details or have some specification
of USB Hub class ? I cannot find it on USB site (maybe I have not
sufficient patience...).

I will probably focus in OHCI speed-up now, i.e. I try to do some other
handling of ED to prevent changes in OHCI registers which are slowing
down OHCI performance (OHCI is approx. 3 times slower than UHCI now from
this reason).

Best regards

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