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Re: USB Driver uhci.c legacy mode

From: Aleš Nesrsta
Subject: Re: USB Driver uhci.c legacy mode
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2010 19:14:41 +0200

> On 07/02/2010 12:30 PM, jonatan perry wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I am using grub2 uhci.c usb driver for testing new hardware, on some
> > occuisions the UHCI signature test fails (can be found on the PCI
> > iteration routine), the driver thest if the controller founded by PCI
> > has a signature as uhci should have (0x0c0300), on some of my new
> > hardwares the signature is as EHCI (usb 2.0) means 0x0c0302, if i
> > change the signature that the driver searches the rest of the driver
> > fails, probably because i need to activate a legacy bit in the
> > configuration register in the EHCI Controller.
> EHCI is never alone. It must always have a companion controller (UHCI or
> OHCI). Also be sure to use either bzr trunk or usb branch.

Unfortunately, according to specification, EHCI can be installed alone
(without companion UHCI or OHCI controller(s)) but it is probably very
rare computer HW configuration.
Try command "lspci" in Linux and search for lines with "USB Controller"
- if You will find EHCI only, You really have "EHCI only" computer.
But You can have some bad BIOS setting (You should enable USB 1.1
controller(s) in BIOS.).

> > i have searched EHCI Specs for legacy mode and could not understand
> > how to configure legacy mode... and i hope some of you guy could help me.
> >
> > thanks!
> >
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