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Re: Bug#588208: grub-efi-ia32: breaks video of Mac Mini Core 2 Duo

From: Isaac Dupree
Subject: Re: Bug#588208: grub-efi-ia32: breaks video of Mac Mini Core 2 Duo
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 15:04:25 -0400
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On 07/06/10 04:54, Colin Watson wrote:
Can anyone on grub-devel comment on this?  It seems remarkable that we
could be breaking video for future boots, and I wouldn't know where to
start looking.

(Full configuration details at

I'm tempted to ask (but you probably shouldn't try it!*), what if you clear the BIOS/EFI state (NVRAM) in case it's been corrupted somehow relevant --
hold Command-Option-P-R while booting
*WARNING! If it doesn't fix the problem, then you obviously still won't be able to see... and, however it was configured such that GRUB would automatically be booted is likely to be broken now, leading to unhappiness :-(

(A safer way to investigate this thought would be to dump the contents of your NVRAM and upload it and compare it to what the default state looks like, if anyone knows how to do that?)

Does booting from a Linux LiveCD give you graphics? (via grub or refit or holding 'c' when you boot) -- both as some sort of failsafe, and it *might* give us a bit of information. (disclaimer: I don't develop grub2 so far, I just use it [on my Macbook, using grub2 BIOS based since I haven't gotten grub2 EFI to boot Linux very well yet], and read the mailing-list)


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