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Key remapping changed between 1.98 and trunk ?

From: Metatech
Subject: Key remapping changed between 1.98 and trunk ?
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2010 18:26:15 +0100


I use grub-efi on x86_64 to boot Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro.
Because the Ctrl-X key combination does not work in EFI, I use the tip
to define a mapping to the F1 key.
With grub 1.98, this works fine, but with grub trunk, this does not work.

I looked in the source code of grub 1.98, but I do not find where this
feature is implemented, ie where the grub environment variable is
retrieved to map the keyboard keys.  I also did not find the usage of
the command.
I found a new grub-mklayout but it does not seem to be a replacement
for this feature.

In my grub.cfg :
set F1=ctrl-x
set F2=ctrl-a
set F3=ctrl-e

Has it changed in trunk since 1.98 ? If yes, what is the new syntax ?



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