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Re: Error in creating the EFI image for Grub2

From: Adhyas Avasthi
Subject: Re: Error in creating the EFI image for Grub2
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010 10:40:42 -0800

Thanks for that Colin. It worked for me.

I think I am close to root-causing the issue, I am facing in the VM.
Basically, after making this call from grub_efi_allocate_pages in file
kern/efi/mm.c, I never really return and get an x64 exception. My
guess is that this may have something to do with either the calling
convention we are using, or a mess up of the efi_system_table and
efi_image_header parameters passed to the loader itself.

status = efi_call_4 (b->allocate_pages, type, GRUB_EFI_LOADER_DATA,
pages, &address);

Debugging further to see where the issue may lie. Any pointers to help
are most welcome.

PS: The funny part is that I don't see this issue if I start the VM
with -no-kvm option. I have no idea why, but at this point I don't
really care for the no-kvm option.


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