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Proposals for multiboot2

From: AlfaOmega08
Subject: Proposals for multiboot2
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011 21:56:45 +0200

I have suggestions on same features that should be added to multiboot2. It would be great if a multiboot2 compliant loaded passed tags like:
* Address of ACPI tables (RSDT, or even better: RSDT, DSDT, and MADT) if available
* Address of SMBIOS tables
* Address of MP Tables (to be used if the OS isn't able to parse the MADR)
* Address of the UEFI structure passed to the loader image.
* A list of the PCI devices with all them characteristics (well, I know pci enumeration is time consuming but this has to be done first or later either by the loader or the os... so why postpone? At least make this optional so that the OS can say "don't do that. I wont use them")
* A nice list of HD, CD/DVD, Floppy devices (quite hard too)

If all of these were implemented it would make the development of operating system a LOT easier (both for hobby OSes, and for big OSes)

Any other suggestion?

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