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Re: Grub2 EFI: Image loading from USB takes too long

Subject: Re: Grub2 EFI: Image loading from USB takes too long
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2011 13:36:50 +0530

2011/4/5 Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko <address@hidden>:
> On 05.04.2011 09:17, KESHAV P.R. wrote:
>> In a crude benchmarking using stop watch, the
>> time between selection of menuentry to seeing the kernel boot messages
>> is approx 4 minutes (236 seconds) measured using a stop watch. I have
>> not yet tested with an updated ovmf in qemu or in duet.
> You push for a potentially harming change, yet when asked to try with
> smaller numbers to see which value is optimal/required suddenly you stop
> answering.

I didn't request (or push) for any change in the first place because i
do not know what that change does in the first place. I simply tried
to benchmark it to see whether such a problem occurs. This testing was
done with 1.99~rc1 release (not bzr trunk and not with the 16 KiB
alignment patch) and I am not sure whether the same results might
occur bzr trunk. I do not know whether the proposed change will solve
the problem because i am not a programmer. Of course i will test any
patch you send to me if i have time and if i am able to obtain any
useful info.

The only info you (phcoder) mentioned is that you tried for dynamic
cache allocation
( If you
can provide an updated patch i will test it (is the blockio patch same
as this?). Sorry but i don't mean to offend anyone in this mail.

- Keshav

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