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Horizontal boot menu

From: Endres Puschner
Subject: Horizontal boot menu
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 21:09:34 +0200
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Hi, grub-developers,

I implemented a complete horizontal extension to the boot menu and some other little features and fixes for extending the gfxmenu boot menu.

I would just describe my added theme parameters for the boot_menu control:

- item_width: Optionally specifying a width for each item in horizontal lists, but could also be implemented to work with vertical lists. - item_icon_padding: Padding between icon and box or between icon and other item if there is no item_box.
  - horizontal: boolean, defining this boot_list as horizontal.
- item_pixmap_style: like selected_item_pixmap_style but for non selected entries. - item_pixmap_icon_only: boolean, selected and unselected pixmaps are only shown around the icons and not around the whole item.

The scrollbars must be manually turned around to be in horizontal mode, I have uploaded a demo theme as an example:

I fixed a bug in the icon-section. The first group in any menuentry was skipped while looking for icons before, so only icons for the second class would be searched.

The normal menu is also modified as I wanted to allow to use right/left keys while navigating through the menu while it is horizontal. At menu_init, a new environment variable (orientation) can be set by the used menu module to horizontal for obvious reasons.

Best regards,

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