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grub-probe can't find device (regression) Bug #33133

From: Ian Dall
Subject: grub-probe can't find device (regression) Bug #33133
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 08:39:58 +0930

I have reported bug #33133 in savannah.

The issue is that "grub-probe -v --target=device /tmp/root/boot" fails
in current trunk. The issue appears to have been introduced in revision
3214 into

/tmp for me is a tmpfs. /tmp/root has mounted on it a USB pen

Steppign through with gdb, it seems that the list of entries gets
created properly, but around line 209, there is something curious:

      if (entries[i].major != 0)
        continue; /* not a virtual device */

which I can't understand. Its effect is to always skip over mount points
for real devices. I'm not really sure I completely understand what this
virtual device work around is. But may this whole test is just bogus.
Why not the "lowest" mount enclosing the path?


Ian Dall <address@hidden>

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