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possible gpl violation in easybcd

From: matthieu castet
Subject: possible gpl violation in easybcd
Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 21:55:18 +0200


easybcd ( is a tools that provide a
modified version of grub [1].

At install time the EULA say [2].
The address@hidden doesn't work (doesn't exist).

Using the address@hidden [3] I got a reply [4]

Even if they didn't do any modification, I think they should :
- provide a valid email in their EULA
- provide a copy of the GPL
- provide the version they used and modification they done (if any).



f. Note that this project ships with executables originally released
under the GPL. This does not apply to the entire project nor EasyBCD;
it only applies to "MBR.exe" and "NeoGrub.exe."
In compliance with the GPL the source code for portions of the EasyBCD
package is being made publically available. To request a copy of the
code, please forward your request to address@hidden

You should have received a copy of the GPL license along with this
program. If you haven`t, please send an email to

EasyBCD uses these open source codes as standalone modules:

reply via email to

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