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Mouse support in GRUB

From: Tirtha Chatterjee
Subject: Mouse support in GRUB
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2011 19:09:12 +0530

Hi GRUB devels,

recently I came across the improvements made by Microsoft Windows 8 in
their bootloader.

However I despise the operating system itself ( :-P ), the idea of a
beautiful graphical bootloader with mouse support integrated into it
felt amazing to me. It lowered the barrier for the user, and gave the
user an at-home experience right from switching on the computer. I
wanted to check if something similar can be done with GRUB, and found
out about the gfxmenu that was merged in 0.98. I think it is a great
step forward, and would be a really nice addition to all major
distributions in near future. However, I think that the graphical menu
is somewhat incomplete without mouse support. So I wish to work on
implementing mouse support for GRUB. However, I am a novice to the
GRUB codebase, and need some help with understanding the relevant
parts and with testing my implementation. I myself have done a little
bit of reading, reading the source code for the term module which
implements the keyboard support into GRUB, and have more or less
understood it. Also, I read up the HID specifications document for USB

It would be really wonderful if someone with experience with the
relevant code can help me by guiding me when needed, and help me with
a few of the problems i am facing with testing my build of GRUB with

Tirtha Chatterjee
KDE developer

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