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Can GRUB do the equivalent of 'dd'?

From: Loving, Kent
Subject: Can GRUB do the equivalent of 'dd'?
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 23:09:06 -0800

I was wondering if GRUB can ‘install’ an image using dd before it is booted.

The image will be in file, previously created by the dd command, and stored in 
a partition that is not the first partition. GRUB would have to execute an 
equivalent of ‘dd’ to dump the image from the file to the first partition and 
then boot it. To keep this from being too easy, the image is windows XP, and 
the image file is on an NTFS partition.

The goal is to allow a ‘snapshot’ of a working OS to be saved and then allow a 
return to that snapshot later.

Kent Loving

Kent Loving, 425-315-3043

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