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Multiboot video mode request on EFI-gop

From: Thomas Nilsen
Subject: Multiboot video mode request on EFI-gop
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 11:24:07 +0100


Im currently doing some research into some low level systems loaded by grub2 trough (E)EFI and legacy bios.

Grub2 seems to honor the "requested video mode" setting in multiboot header very well on BIOS.

When booting trough EFI, then of course VBE is not possible, and it also seems that for example 1280x1024x32 it not an available mode either. (Tested with videotest). Other modes are not avail either it seems..

So when booting on EFI videomode is not set, and i dont get any LFB and mode information when booting.

Im thinking since its the efi-gop driver/module that handles video mode on EFI boot this could probably be used when booting the same way that vbe module does the change before executing the kernel.

Im interrested in contributing on fixing this if someone with some information can point me where to start off if someone knows whats missing, or maby what is going wrong. I will start doing some research aswell, but help is very much appreciated.

best regards

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