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Timeout and menu management

From: Arbiel Perlacremaz
Subject: Timeout and menu management
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 18:58:32 +0100
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Hi everybody

As a user, I don't really understand Grub's menu management, and particularly the hiding of the menu for "timeout" seconds before booting, to allow for the blind stricking of the key by the user in order to undertake special actions.

For a while, I have been using the option of chosing the previously chosen entry, with no timeout delay before booting. However, I found it difficult to get out of it, even with the existence of the grub-editenv command. So I came back to a regular display of the menu, and the waiting of a few second to allow me for the choice of an alternate entry.

Tired of this Grub's behavior, I inserted a 06_custom file into /etc/grub.d to have the ability to skip the waiting, unless I press the Ctrl key as soon as my PC enters BIOS. In that case, Grub displays the menu and waits for "timeout" second before booting. It could wait for a infinite timeout, as I obviously attend the PC and do not need any default action to be taken (unless I die all of a suden, in which case, I dont give a damn of what the PC does).

So my point is the following :

with a "timeout=-1" statement, the menu is to be displayed, whatever other options are specified , no countdown is to be displayed with a "timeout > 0" statement, the menu is to be displayed, and I do not see any reason for hiding it ; countdown may be displayed or hidden, according to the related option with a "timeout=0", Grub as to boot immediately the default entry, unless a predefined "WaitKey" (one of the three status keys : Ctrl, Alt or Shift) in pressed down, in which case Grub behaves as with the "timeout=-1" situation

Is it possible to modify the /etc/grub.d files so that Grub behaves that way ? I am not sure to be able to do it myself, and this would be destroyed by any subsequent grub-install + grub-mkconfig


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