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Re: Question regarding numbering conventions

From: Arbiel Perlacremaz
Subject: Re: Question regarding numbering conventions
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2012 09:39:10 +0200
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Personnaly, I'm using custom.cfg. This file is incorporated at the end of grub's menu generation and you can

either generate additionnal lines at the end of the standard menu
or generate a brand new menu in using the configmenu command.

I then added a folder in the /boot/grub folder to hold all my scripts, /boot/grub/greffons (this name stands for "addons" for english speaking people)

So my custom.cfg file reads :

source ${prefix}/greffons/
source ${prefix}/greffons/
source ${prefix}/greffons/ is used to boot directly with my prefered distribution without menu or delay, or display the menu if I hold the control key down during the boot process is used to boot from my iso files, preventing me from burning CDs is used to look for the various grub.cfg's and display a menu to allow me to boot from the one I want

The updating of custom.cfg is dynamic as you need not run grub-mkconfig to take the modifications into account.


Le 02/07/2012 19:49, Cipherboy a écrit :
A question to the community of developers,

What is the numbering conventions for scripts set to run with update-grub2 in /etc/grub.d? Specifically, I created a script to detect isos and add them to the grub menu to select on boot which I want to commit back to the community. In the README, it says that 20_* is reserved for 3rd party scrips, memtest86+ being an example. Would this be the best place to put it, even though people could potentially have a dozens of live images, bumping other operating systems (Windows comes to mind) further down the list?

Thank you,
Alex Scheel

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