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Re: Secure Boot. Why don't you take the wind out of their sails?

From: Bruce Dubbs
Subject: Re: Secure Boot. Why don't you take the wind out of their sails?
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2012 11:29:21 -0500
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address@hidden wrote:

Maybe I'm missing something, but when I read this, it doesn't say the
hardware must have Secure Boot enabled by default.  Rather, it must be
enabled by the OEM as part of the Windows preinstallation process, so
that it's enabled when it reaches the end user.  System builders are
still going to purchase UEFI Secure Boot-capable motherboards with
Secure Boot disabled-by-default, and they will "just work" if you want
to install Linux.

For people who are not experts, trying Linux or another operating system becomes much more intimidating. They have to go into the BIOS and change something. Then, to go back to Windows, they have to do it again.

Will this discourage users from trying something else?  You bet.

End-users who bought pre-installed Windows will
have to change the configuration option in system setup, which for
someone planning to install a new OS from scratch is not a major
hurdle.  It will be a minor road bump for people using live-CD style
media (including USB), but won't be a showstopper if the user actually
has permission from the computer owner to boot the alternate media.
What likely is that it will prevent unauthorized (by the owner)
rebooting public computers using alternate media, but that's not
exactly a valid scenario to begin with.

But is is for private computers. My LUG frequently gives out DVDs with various Live system and say try it. That will become much more problematic.

I still don't know how someone is supposed to be able to boot Windows within a VM with this new paradigm.

  -- Bruce

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