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Re: GRUB port for ARMv7-A U-Boot

From: Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko
Subject: Re: GRUB port for ARMv7-A U-Boot
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 21:11:41 +0200
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On 19.10.2012 20:47, Leif Lindholm wrote:

> I have created a port of GRUB to the ARMv7-A architecture, running on top of
> the
> U-Boot firmware. The "U-Boot API", created by Rafal Jaworowsky
> <address@hidden>, provides the hardware abstraction layer. Console is
> supported on serial port using the termios subsystem.
> This port supports, and indeed relies on, flattened device trees (FDT) -
> passed on from firmware, or loaded from a filesystem. My implementation uses
> libfdt rather than trying to recycle the existing openfirmware code, and if
> possible I would like to keep it that way, and have libfdt included in GRUB.
> libfdt is dual-licensed, GPLv2+/BSD, and the copyright belongs to David
> Gibson <address@hidden>. I have a patch against the libfdt included in
> that makes it build under GRUB.

I'd prefer rather without libfdt and share more code with openfirmware
since it's similar brain damage.

> The U-Boot API is released under GPLv2+ consists of 3 source files. They are
> licensed under GPLv2+. The port also contains a crc32 checker I included
> from the FreeBSD loader, copyright Gary S. Brown with the statement that
> "You may use this program, or code or tables extracted from it, as desired
> without restriction.". The crc32 checker is not strictly speaking required,
> so could be removed if this poses any problems.

GRUB already has crc32 from libgcrypt. Could you use it?

> In addition to this, the port includes libgcc helper functions (aeabi_*)
> taken from linux/arch/arm/lib, licensed under GPLv2+.

These should be included at compile time from system libgcc.

> My intent is to set up a public repository on containing my
> modifications on Monday.

Could you send the patch here even if it's not finished?

> Do you have any opinions about how I should treat
> the third-party software when I do this?

> Regards,
> Leif
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Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko

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