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Re: Console Resolution with GRUB2

From: D.J.J. Ring, Jr.
Subject: Re: Console Resolution with GRUB2
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 18:44:05 -0500

Hello Bruce,

The "problem" with this is that grub.cfg says "Do Not Edit this File".

Why cannot grub2 have an easy way to change console resolution?

When I open console programs, the display is tiny.  Also console programs with ncurses graphics are tiny.  These would be full screen if I could make console mode 640x480.

Grub had an easy way to do this.  I haven't tried Bruce's method because it says not to edit the file.

Also when I upgrade a kernel and regenerate the grub menu, the settings will be overwritten.

Any suggestions?


On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 5:19 PM, Bruce Dubbs <address@hidden> wrote:
D.J.J. Ring, Jr. wrote:
Hello Peter and the rest of the group.

I appreciate Peter's efforts to help.

However, nothing so far works as needed.

With the old grub users who needed larger size characters simply added a
vga= line to the boot code.  It was simple.

Now it seems to be very complex.

In fact all the answers I can find on the various newsgroups no longer
work.  Also there is no one answer, but many answers, and then there are
comments like "this no longer works".
Would someone make it so that users can make large fonts in the console?
There are those of us who are nearly blind but still like to see the
characters on the screen.  We are comfortable using 640 x 480 configuration.

Completely blind people of course have no need to change the font size.  I
understand and have changed the font size in the grub menu, but unless I
can keep that resolution in the console, it is not what I want and need.

If I could keep that character size in console while running the screen at
high resolution it would be perfect.

However, the problem still remains:  It is very difficult to do for a new
user who wishes to use a console only system as many blind users wish to.

I am disappointed that I cannot find an answer to this question, if there
is a better place to ask, I would be most happy to know of it, and I will
ask there.

I don't know what others may say, but I just use a custom grub.cfg file.  Avoid the scripts in /etc/grub.d.  After all the only thing really needed in grub.cfg is:

### grub.cfg
set default=0
set timeout=5

insmod ext2
set root=(hd0,1)

menuentry "entry1" {}
menuentry "entry2" {}

etc.  Adjust values to need.

Using this simple configuration, grub never changes the screen resolution.  Any other changes are OS specific.

  -- Bruce

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