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Re: [PATCH] gfxterm: check elements' properties and hadle errors.

From: Vladimir Testov
Subject: Re: [PATCH] gfxterm: check elements' properties and hadle errors.
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2013 10:29:14 +0400
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>Again - what problem are you trying to solve? I added unknown option
>to theme element and it was loaded and displayed just fine. Why
>aborting theme loading in this case is better?

There is possibility that we can misprint some option. Or write some wrong value for some existing option.
I think it's better to know about it - so we can quickly find the place where we are wrong.

>May be you should be less hostile to simple questions? I take it you
>are expert in GRUB2 themes. I'm not and I'm trying to learn. OK?

Sorry, if I've insulted you. That wasn't my intension.

>You conveniently ignored comment about losing original error.
The original error will be displayed anyway, because it's called via grub_error function.
grub_errno in that case is only an indicator that everything went all right or something went wrong.
Returning error state (from component's modules) doesn't change grub_errno until we call grub_error in theme_loader.
In current state return value isn't analized. And I think it's not good.
(if theme_loaders checks global options and component's names - why shouldn't it also check for component's options)

I could think about more complicated hadling of return value.
If it is GRUB_ERR_IO then either information message about the error has already been shown
(don't see the possibility of the fact right now)
or we've faced some non-existing option (or option with a misprint)
So I could check for other types of error and hadle them more properly.

grub_errno in that case means error code, returned after trying to set a particular value to a particular option.
so if return code is GRUB_ERR_IO then there is a problem with option name
otherwise there is a problem with a value (e.g. we tried to set integer value to a option, which accepts string value.)

If you concerns are about right that - I can slightly remake the patch to show more detailed information about the error.



With best regards,


Vladimir Testov, ROSA Laboratory.

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