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[PATCH][BUGFIX] wrong determination of first printed entry in some cases

From: Vladimir Testov
Subject: [PATCH][BUGFIX] wrong determination of first printed entry in some cases
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 11:16:50 +0400
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bug found and fixed

Steps to reproduce
1. more than one OS (or dummy entries as in the test stand)
2. one should have more than one kernels (so in additional options there will 
be more than one entry)
3. in main boot screen there should be enough entries so the scrollbar appears
4. we should save default boot entry from submenu and it should not be the 
first entry
5. the submenu with default entry should be at the bottom so the first shown 
entry is not the first entry of the main screen

6. move in the submenu, selected by default
7. (in the selected submenu) every entry placed before the default entry isn't 
shown. Nevertheless, they appear as soon as we press "up" key.

screeshots attached

after the patch the described problem is fixed

With best regards,
Vladimir Testov, ROSA Laboratory.

Attachment: BUG_1_main_boot_menu.png
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Attachment: BUG_2_go_into_default_submenu.png
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Attachment: grub-2.00-first-shown-entry.patch
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