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[PATCH] [0/11] [gfxmenu/list] - "version" parameter

From: Vladimir Testov
Subject: [PATCH] [0/11] [gfxmenu/list] - "version" parameter
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 14:54:33 +0400
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There are plenty of misbehaviours of "bootmenu list" component which I would 
like to correct.
Many of following patches can break backward compatibility.
So I suggest to make a new parameter of a "bootmenu list" - "version".
It equal 0 by default.
If some behaviour would change since version 2.XY then we can use XY as start 
point for some new behaviour and save previous behaviour at the same time.

So if version is 0 - every behavour is just the same as was before.
If version is 1 - the behaviour can change a little. (1 - for future release 
of 2.01 version)

or it could be 201 version, 202 version etc.

With best regards,
Vladimir Testov, ROSA Laboratory.

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