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Re: RFC: should the 'trust' and 'verify_detached' commands respect 'chec

From: Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko
Subject: Re: RFC: should the 'trust' and 'verify_detached' commands respect 'check_signatures=enforce'?
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 23:44:05 +0200
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On 17.10.2013 20:28, Jonathan McCune wrote:
> Presently the 'trust' and 'verify_detached' commands disable all filters
> (e.g., verify.c:grub_cmd_trust() calls grub_file_filter_disable_all())
> when opening a file containing a public key (note the distinction from
> verify_detached implicitly using an already-loaded key).

This is the intended behaviour. Usecase to manually add keys when
needed. Your proposal is for other usecases which would probably require
special arguments or separate functions.

>  This makes it
> cumbersome to construct a public key hierarchy at boot time, by loading
> other signed public keys.  To do this securely, the author of grub.cfg
> would need to explicitly invoke 'verify_detached' (using an implicit
> public key that was embedded in core.img using "grub-mkimage --pubkey")
> and check the return value before invoking 'trust'.
> Arguments in favor of trust respecting 'check_signatures=enforce' (i.e.,
> making a change):
> * Consistency with behavior in nearly all other file-opening scenarios
> when check_signatures=enforce
> * Results in cleaner grub.cfg files
> Arguments against (i.e., leaving things as-is):
> * Desired functionality can already be obtained with appropriate script
> code in grub.cfg
> * Makes it impossible (unless I'm missing something) to experiment with
> check_signatures=enforce without first providing a public key using the
> --pubkey option to grub-mkimage (and presumably soon grub-install).
> * Most users will never look at the C code but will see grub.cfg, and it
> may be useful to put the public key validation logic right in front of
> their eyes
> As I mistakenly assumed that 'trust' *did* respect
> 'check_signatures=enforce' upon first encountering this code, I tend to
> favor the position that this is the preferred functionality.  I think
> the right way to proceed is probably:  (1) fix grub-install to support
> --pubkey, (2) alter the behavior of 'trust' and 'verify_detached' to
> respect 'check_signatures=enforce', and then (3) update the
> documentation to make this clear.
> As mentioned, the desired functionality can be obtained either way, so
> as I currently understand things this is more a matter of aesthetics
> than functionality.  Note that grub.cfg files that manually validate
> public keys before loading them would continue to behave correctly in
> the face of these changes (though their validation efforts would be
> redundant).
> Best,
> -Jon
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