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Re: [grub-devel] loongson-2f mini-pc (fuloong) elf image generation.

From: Javier Vasquez
Subject: Re: [grub-devel] loongson-2f mini-pc (fuloong) elf image generation.
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2013 16:18:03 -0600

>> ...
>> sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/boot --target=mipsel-loongson
>> --recheck /dev/sda
> Add --modules="ehci ohci usb_keyboard"
>> ...

OK, I'll do it, however, please notice that without that, the image is
already including ohci, and that my manual attempt also included it,
as well as usb_keyboard, :-)

I "echoed" what gets executed finally, by modifying grub-install, and it's:

/usr/bin/grub-mkimage -c /boot/grub/mipsel-loongson/load.cfg -d
/usr/lib/grub/mipsel-loongson -O mipsel-loongson-elf
--output=/boot/grub/mipsel-loongson/core.elf --prefix=/grub pata ahci
ohci usbms ext2 part_msdos search_fs_uuid

Notice all those modules, except by search_fs_uuid, are included in
the prior manual attempts also, and instead of that one, "search" was
included instead.

I'll let you know soon, :-)



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