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Re: [grub-devel] loongson-2f mini-pc (fuloong) elf image generation.

From: Aleš Nesrsta
Subject: Re: [grub-devel] loongson-2f mini-pc (fuloong) elf image generation.
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2013 22:26:32 +0100
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Dne 29.10.2013 19:46, Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko napsal(a):
On 29.10.2013 19:35, Aleš Nesrsta wrote:
Only short note below...

Dne 27.10.2013 23:43, Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko napsal(a):
On 27.10.2013 21:03, Aleš Nesrsta wrote:

I don't see loading of OHCI module in debug output !
Do you really have this module included in your image?
I have to second this: OHCI module if loaded and there is at least one
PCI device available it will show "pciid = %x" message.
Can you modify grub_real_dprintf in misc.c to:
if (!debug)
    debug = "all";

So we can be sure that the message wasn't simply lost due to late
setting of debug variable.

AFAIK, dl.c module should display for each loaded module something like
this (when debug=all as in Javier case):
"kern/dl.c:630: module name: ehci"
This is missing for OHCI module in debug output sent by Javier, even
grub.cfg command to load OHCI is present on the beginning of debug output:
script/lexer.c:321: token 288 text [insmod]

script/script.c:50: malloc 0x8ff1d920

script/script.c:50: malloc 0x8ff1d900

script/script.c:163: arglist

script/script.c:50: malloc 0x8ff1d8d0

script/lexer.c:321: token 288 text [ohci]

I.e., from my point of view, it is sure that OHCI module was not loaded
- but there is no debug output which can explain why...
It's possible that a module named ohci already loaded.
Hm. Originally I didn't believe it but you are right. Additionally, it is probably the case of the second Javier dump - there is missing dl.c message also for loading of EHCI module even it is working - so EHCI had to be loaded before insmod command.

Is it there some way how Javier can avoid it?
I.e., how to load USB drivers at the time when their debug output can be captured - ? We need to see debug output of initialization of OHCI controller and connected devices...

BR, Ales

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