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Re: Configure grub for pxe boot and nfs-mounted root

From: Beeblebrox
Subject: Re: Configure grub for pxe boot and nfs-mounted root
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2013 12:01:18 +0200

Since I got grub's pxe set to go, I have started to try the ideas & solutions.
* Answer to my first question from previous post (I don't see a way
where tftp-server would be able to serve-up the grub menu if it were
in say /data/tftp path?): This seems not possible. TFTPD cannot chroot
(-s) unless the folder structure is inside the jail. Setting to
different NFS path gives "folder not found" error from tftpd. (posted
for informational purposes)
* grub-mknetdir creates 700 permission folder structure. It needs to
be changed to 755 in order for tftpd to serve "core.0" (744 is
* grub-mknetdir folder is /data/amd64//boot/grub. I created a grub.cfg
under there AND under i386-pc. The client shows "welcome to grub"
message, then falls to "file not found". Was I supposed to pass the
grub.cfg location when I ran grub-mknetdir?
* Which insmod need for NFS exported folders? There's no nfs*.mod?
* Since I have 3 separate NFS exports which grub will choose from on
the menu, is it possible to create a "" file with something
That way, I could do and change  set root='hd0,1 or 2 or 3' for each
menu entry? Or is the deprecated?

Thanks for the input

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