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Re: How to deal with fatal device seeks?

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: How to deal with fatal device seeks?
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2014 19:40:45 +0100
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I have digged the git log for partition related commits just in case you might think that they have something to do with my problem

(From 2.00 release to current head on master branch).

I have tried to filter them. So I have removed the ones related with strange table partitions or emulation code.

Here there are the commits:

Just hope that you, that deal with GRUB source code every day, can find what might be the faulty commit so that I can test that the special commit source code and reproduce it (or not to reproduce it).

Thank you for any idea!


El 16/03/14 19:05, adrian15 escribió:
El 16/03/14 18:16, adrian15 escribió:
If I try:

ls (hd2,msdos5)/

from a 2.00-15 system mkrescue image (Super Grub2 Disk 2.00s1-beta6) I

error: unknown filesystem.

So, it's ok, because it is not a fatal error.
It would seem that somewhere between 2.00-15 and 2.02~beta2-7 (Debian
version) the bug arises.

Or maybe the error was before because grub did actually to arise a FATAL
error and it didn't.

2.00-22 does not have the error.

So it narrows the search between 2.00-22 and 2.02~beta2-7.


Thank you for any indication on how to make more tests.


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