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Re: pxe-nfs-loop-iso syntax in grub.cfg

From: rsb
Subject: Re: pxe-nfs-loop-iso syntax in grub.cfg
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2014 10:31:08 +0200

> How do you pass a pxe-nfs-loop-iso syntax in grub.cfg?
For a start, grub does not support NFS.

Yes I see, my mistake. Does grub support transfers other than tftp? HTTP, for example?

> (grub) aborts with "no loop disk".
How do you boot grub? PXE is active only if you have actually booted over network;

Grub is booted over network. System starts, "boot from network" > obtains IP from dhcpd > grub menu from server (laptop grub menu has different entries than what server grub menu has)


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